8 Great Teas for Every Occasion

I received a package of a large variety of teas a while ago and want to share with you eight teas I especially like. Those represent a mix out of green, black and herbal teas.

  • Eight Treasures is a green tea with eight different ingredients. It has a slightly fruity flavor.
  • Genmaicha is also a green tea, but with a completely different flavors which it gets from roasted brown rice.
  • Tung Ting Oolong, a tea sometimes also called blue tea, is inbetween green and black tea. That makes it a good choice if you cannot decide for either kind of tea.
  • Earl Grey is definitely one of my favorite teas with its citrus taste. I mostly drink it in the afternoon or early evening.
  • Chai tea has a spicy flavor and I like it on cold days with some milk.
  • Rooibos (also rooibos caramel) is a good companion if you feel like (black) tea, but you do not want to consume caffeine. That makes it my preferred tea for the late evening and night.
  • Mate tea, in the opposite, has quite some caffeine and is good choice if you are tired or sleep deprived.
  • Ginger (& Lemon) tea has a taste I really like. Ginger is supposed to have an anti-inflammatory effect and can make you feel a lot better if you have cold.