Jimmy Eat World at The Warfield, San Francisco

It has already been about a month since I returned from San Francisco. Among a lot of other I things I did there (I hope to upload some photos soon) I visited a concert by Jimmy Eat World in The Warfield Theatre. Although it is already a bit late I would like to write some words about it.

First of all, The Warfield is a really amazing location. The walls in the entrance area a full of posters and pictures of bands which played in the venue. The general admission floor is divided in areas whereby the ones further in the back are higher. This ensures a good sight for nearly everyone, although it does not allow big punk-like Pogo dance mosh pits. Above the general admission floor is a balcony with (reserved) seats. Also it is nice that you can get drinks without missing a part of the show at the sides of the general admission floor. The walls have rich decorations which add very much to the flair of this venue opened already in the 1920's.

My first observation of the audience was that nearly no one was wearing a band T-shirt. That was a bit surprising to me, because in Germany many people wear band t-shirts to concerts (but not necessarily of the playing band). In my opinion there could have been a better vibe . The band could also have animated the audience a bit more. Besides of that Jimmy Eat World's perfomance was quite ok.

All in all that makes a concert which I enjoyed and especially seeing the Warfield from the inside made it worth paying the ticket price.