The Wall

Saturday evening I attended the concert "The Wall – in its entirety" by The Australian Pink Floyd Show (or just Aussiefloyd) in the AWD-Hall in Hannover. About a year ago I already wrote about The Australien Pink Floyd Show. This band is a Pink Floyd tribute band, which wants to play the music of Pink Floyd as near to the original as possible. The Wall may not be the favorite album of each Pink Floyd fan, but live its absolutly awesome!

Before I go on with further details I want to warn you that I may spoil one or two surprises.

As far as I know (I wasn't alive at that time), when the real Pink Floyd was perfoming The Wall they built up a gigantic wall on stage. You could not expect such enormous effort by Aussiefloyd. Nevertheless they provided us with a great show:

Not just the sound was superb, but also the light and laser show was astonishing. Whereas the light effects often seem to be very generic, they were used skillful and fitting by Aussiefloyd. For example they used light flashes during the last notes of Don't Leave Me Now and the beginning of Another Brick in the Wall (Part 3), fitting the sound of breaking glass.

But not all was limited to light and sound. Also they used video projections, whereby they showed mostly scenes which related to the movie of The Wall. Parallel to this there was also a great stage act of the singers. By the way, one of the female singers, which sang some parts alone, has an incredible voice!

All in all I can give a full recommendation!