Nowadays Everyone has Fast Internet …

… or not? I hadn't some days ago: When I was sitting in a train I suddenly remembered that I wanted to bid in an eBay auction. Moreover this train would not have arrived until this auction has ended. Luckily modern mobile phones are able to access the world wide web, the datarates are also respectable with UMTS and the costs are acceptable in such "emergency situations".

So I bootet my Macbook, connected to my mobile phone via Bluetooth, typed the eBay-URL into Firefox and waited and waited and waited … As it has to be I had no UMTS net on the railroad, just GPRS which is very slow. Moreover the ebay front page has several graphics included. Finally I needed 15 minutes to click me through the eBay pages and to submit my bidding.

What do we learn from this? Even nowadays it is important to design webpages in a way that not too much data has to be transmitted. Whereby I have to admit that my homepage is not build in this way entirely. Perhabs I might retouch this page.

By the way, the time a webpage needs to load can be measured at this website: