Pink Floyd is one of the greatest rock bands and very important in the history of rock! But the chance that they will reunion and can be seen as complete group in concert is very low, I think. :( Luckily there is "The Australian Pink Floyd Show" (or short Aussiefloyd), which trys to play the music made by Pink Floyd true to the original.

Maybe you are skeptic, but this band is often called the best tribute band and has also played at the 50th birthday of David Gilmour. That convinced me and so I went to "The Best of The Wall & More Tour" at February, the 22nd, in the AWD Hall in Hannover.

Those who weren't there missed a lot! Not only the music was great, but also the light show was great. To many songs were aditional animation sequences projected and a huge pink rubber kangaroo was inflated. This kangaroo the distinctive mark of the group and you could see it several times in this evening.

They started the concert with the first few songs on The Wall until Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2). Then they made a short announcement that the next song is called Learning to Fly. Apart from the announcement of the intermission and the introduction of the band members before the last song, this was the only announcement. Between several other songs like Money and Time on other albums they performed some more songs from The Wall like Mother, Goodbye Blue Sky and Empty Spaces.

I liked Shine on You Crazy Diamond most that evening. Mostly because of the light show. First you can see a kind of abstract animation projection screen which continued with a movement of the spot lights until they were all adjusted to the audience, so that it looked like the stage shone. Of course this was to the line “Shine on you crazy diamond” of the lyrics. That was just great! Run Like Hell which was played as addition was also very impressive.

But of course the complete show was great! If you wasn't there you definitly missed something! Especially people like me who were not able to see the orginal, should the this tribute band.

One question I am asking me after this show: Ho often occurs it that someon in the audience of a concert gets an epileptic seizure because of stroboscopic light. ;)