I'm WIIning!

I planned to write a new entry a week ago, but I wasn't able to manage it.

In the last week on Friday was the award ceremony for the Welfenlab Competition (I already wrote something about this competition below) and the best about it is: I am first :D and I won a Wii :P . Finally only one other person send in a solution, but many more registered for the competition. Therefore the tasks must have been quite difficult, even if I felt they are not so difficult.

Yesterday I got my certificate over the final examinations at school. During this celebration I also was awarded with an engraved pen (pens are always useful ;) ) for my earnings in different competitions. Just after I sat down, my name was called again, because I was also awarded with the book price of the "Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft" (an association of physicists).

In the last week I gained many awards. But I am not able to go to the next award ceremony, because I will be in Malta for two weeks from next Wednesday on. That also implies that there will be no entries in this blog for the next three weeks.