The Return of Haase

Finally I nearly finished cutting the movie which we recorded to celebrate our final examinations at school (a so called "Abi-Film". The title ist "Die Rückkehr des Haasen" which means "The Return of Haase" in English. Haase is the name of a former teacher from our school which is pronounced like the German word for bunny (but this is written with only one "a": Hase). I have to say that I didn't expected the movie to become such good. Of course there will be a download at this web page in some time, but only in the German version, because the movie itself is German. By the way, it is also much longer than expected: nearly 35 minutes! Moreover it is great that I could organize a presentation in front of the whole age-group.

Apart from the "Abi-Film" I am thinking quite rarly about the final examinations. I have the feeling that these are miles away from me.

Hopefully I'll have more time to keep my web page up-to-date now. Today I noticed that there is a new Wordpress version. Maybe I will do the update already today.

Besides there happend not very much. But maybe I have a nice anecdote from my Dungeons & Dragons RPG gaming round. In many cases we decide things by rolling twenty-sided dices. Before starting the last session we had to decide who does not get a piece chocolate. The one with the lowest number should lose. H. takes his die (which was lying with a 20 on the top) and rolls as first: A 1! The rest of us thought: "That's good, seems for sure that he's the one without chocolate." But F. who was the last one rolling his die rolls also a 1. Therefore H. and F. had to roll again. First: F. rolls something around 10. Second: H. rolls again a 1! :D Anyway H.'s die is believed to roll always bad results.

When all want to go home H. forgets his die in the playing room. I take the die while saying: "Maybe it isn't bad if he forget the die, if it always rolls ones." After that I roll the dice and I get a 1! Then I throw the die towards H. and he catches the die with a 20 on the top. I'm happy that my die is not like that ;) .