I just finished my last final secondary-school (oral) examination in History. Finally I do not need to learn anything and can enjoy the sunny weather (which means I'm sitting in a hot room in front of my computer ;) ). The examination itself was ok, most of the questions I could answer, but there were also some which I could not answer. At half past 5 I will get my mark. I was a little bit surprised that the headmaster was in the examination, because I hadn't a bad mark in History. But I was told that he wants us to get a good mark and therefore it is in your examination. Anyway it did not make any difference as well es the spectator (yes, I permitted spectators in my examination, nevertheless I never watched the examination of someone else).

It was some kind of funny that the teachers in the examination began to argue due the end of the examination whether there is any time left. My History teacher, who asked the questions, said two or three times that there is no time left and the headteacher said the opposite. All in all I'm happy that this examination is behind me now.

After the examination I've also got my "Abi-Shirt" (the name comes from the word Abitur which is the name for the final secondary-school examinations in Germany) with the slogan "now can come what want" (this sentence is intended to be incorrect English). It took a long time to chose this slogan. Firstly the slogan "The nobleness is going, the mob keeps staying" was elected (I didn't like this slogan much, anyway). But one teacher had the opinion that this slogan would discriminate all those who did not make it through the examinations. The resulted in a new election. After this story I would have liked the slogan "Abi 07 –Shit on the slogan" (I'm not sure, whether you can say this word by word translation in English, too, but I hope so). Anyway, what does it matter? The shirt itself is quit good. The names of my age-group are orderd along the outlines of the school building.

Moreover, I am working on the documentation for the third task of the Leibniz Challenge, a competition for pupils. Well, my team is consiting of four more people. But I am the one who knows most about the topic and therefore I have to do most of the work :( . Probably we won't even win; we weren't bad by the two last tasks, but some teams got in both tasks nearly all points including the bonus points. Nevertheless, only the three best results of all five tasks will be used to calculate the end result. Therefore nothing is decided, yet.