Everything is flowing …

Now it's done: My homepage got a new design which is written in valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2. But that's not the only change, there is a lot more: My webpage is not based on the CMS Joomla any longer. In the beginning I wanted to write my own CMS/blog software, which matches exactly my needs. But by mistake I deleted the part I had done so far. So I've changed my mind and tested various BMS and blog software. But nearly no one could be used as Blog and CMS in a practical way and if then it was cluttered and I would have needed a long time learn how to control it.

In the end I decided to use Wordpress. It is slim, has support for static pages and it can be extended with plugins. Some plugins I have even written for myself and maybe I will them publish in while. The only disadvantage of Wordpress seems that is a little bit slow. Could be that I will switch to Lightpress later. But there is no version available which is compatible to my Wordpress version at the moment.

Further changes …

As gallery I will use Gallery2 instead of the Zoom Media Gallery from now on. I do like this gallery as much as Wordpress, but it seems to be the only one with all features I need. Moreover, not all of the pictures in the old gallery can be found in the new one until now, because I want to sort out a couple of them. I think, I will add the pictures which I keep in the following weeks.

Some pages out of the Stuff & Fun category aren't static pages any longer, but pages which can be found in the blog. In my opinion they fit there better. I also hope, that I will be able to write entries in the blog regular, but I have to see how it developes.

One big improvement is the English version of hyper-world.de. I've decided to do this version, because I am planning to publish more English software in the future. However, I will not translate all content to English, because not all is interesting, if you cannot understand German.

Because I'm writing a blog now, I also added some information about me. I think that were the most important changes. Anyway it should have been enough. I don't want to concentrate only on technical aspects of my homepage in this blog.

… and some thougts.

The transfering of the content, especially the news, was a kind of exciting. During this process I had to go through the whole developement of hyper-world. I nearly became sentimental. But there is another reason to become so at the moment: For some weeks I do not visit school any more, because I do my final secondary-school examinations (to be correct I did already all written exams, yet). That can make you think about what you experienced in 13 school years.

On the other hand I am also excited, what will happen in the future, and I'm enjoying the free months without school until I have to do civilian service from September on.