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The Right Way to Implement an IPython Progress Bar

Among the IPython examples is one showing how to implement a progress bar. I, however, think the implementation used in the example has some severe limitations which are not mentioned. Everything displayed in an IPython notebook will be saved in the notebook. It seem that display(Javascript(code)) just executes the JavaScript code. But in fact it stores that code invisibly in the notebook and adds an invisible <div> to the notebook.

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How to Create a Windows 8.1 Vagrant Box

With the release of version 1.6 Vagrant officially supports Windows. However, there are some gotchas in getting a Windows 8.1 base box up and running with VirtualBox. This tutorial guides you through the necessary steps. It even gives instructions on how to setup SSH access to that Windows box.

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Selected Projects


I am a contributor to the Nengo neural network simulator. It allows large scale brain modelling in Python and is based on the Neural Engineering Framework by C. Eliasmith and C. Anderson (2003).

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GopPy (Gaussian Online Processes for Python) is a pure Python module providing a Gaussian process implementation which allows to add new data efficiently online. I wrote this module because all other Python implementations I knew did not support efficient online updates.

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I contributed highly optimized implementations of spike train metrics to the spykeutils project, a Python library for analyzing neurophysiological recordings.

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